About Vranic Homes Inc.

Our Company

Vranic Homes is a family-owned business that specializes in quality custom homes, with attention to detail and customer service that is unparalleled in our industry. Our homes are built on the foundation of integrity, customer service, and professional expertise. There's a reason our homes are built in some of the most prestigious and sought after communities in the London,Ontario and surrounding areas.

Each home we build is designed with our client's needs and lifestyle in mind, which is why we have repeated success with our client experiences.

That burst of joy and the realization that a piece of your lifelong dream has come true is why we do what we do. Home is more than just a feeling. It's everything, we cannot wait to show you your new future.

For registration, updates, and details on building your dream home contact Kevin Knell from our sales team:

John was featured on the 3M Science Center for "Family Business Succession Planning for the Modern Electrician". Read about the feature: http://sciencecentre.3mcanada.ca/sc/family-succession-planning-modern-electrician/