Our Testimonials

We have been living in our impeccable home for over two months now that was built by Vranic Homes Inc.
Searching for a good builder can be challenging, so it’s vital for us to find one and we are proud and fortunate to meet a home builder like John who is knowledgeable, understanding and truly appreciate the relationship he build with people.He always answers our query thoroughly and have gone above and beyond to ensure our home meets our expectations and their standards of excellence. His team is well organized that made our selection process like a walk in the park. We highly recommend Vranic Homes Inc. building your future/dream home. From my family, we give John (Vranic Homes Inc.) a 10 stars all day everyday double on holidays.

BG, Kelly and Joel

- BG & Kelly

We bought a house from John in May 2019 and right from the start I could tell I was going to have a good experience. I had done a lot of shopping around with other builders trying to find which would be the best one for us, and every time we left their offices, I felt like they were trying to play some weird little games with us. As soon as I spoke with John and his team, I knew this was going to be a different experience, there were no games, no weird premiums we had to pay, no hidden fees, what you see is what you get and I loved that.

Once we closed the deal and the house started up, John and his team were very helpful with pointing us in the right direction to pick out selections for the house. They gave us a clear list with dates and all the suppliers had our info when we got there so it was clear to me John was running a tight and organized ship. This really did make a huge difference as building a house can be a long and stressfull process with a lot of moving parts, I can say with confidence that in hind sight, John's organization and info he gave us made it a very nice and pleasant experience.

Every time we drove by the house we would see John's truck parked nearby and he was on site supervising or even helping out with the build. This gave me a lot of peace of mind, knowing the actual owner is on site making sure everything is going smoothly. John is somewhat of a perfectionist also, so I know that the house was in good hands. It was always a treat to stop and have a conversation with John, he really is one of the nicest, most respectful guys you will ever meet. He would always give us a rundown of how things were going and what was still needed to be done and if there was anything we needed to do on our end, to ensure there were no delays.

When John put his "Vranic" brick on the house I was very happy he did, because I know he made sure this house was as perfect as it was going to get, before he put his name on it. I know he put that brick in with pride for what he had built after supervising every day that it went up. When people come over to the house, they are still flabbergasted at how amazing the house turned out and we are truly proud owners of this new and amazing home.

My only regret with this entire process is that I don't have the money to build 10 houses with John.

Yours truly,

The proud new owners of 108 Stone Field Lane Ilderton.

- Farzam & Samantha

As first time home builders, we can honestly say that choosing Vranic Homes was the best decision. Vranic Homes is so much more than just an organized and well constructed company. They care about their clients and go out of their way to make sure that you feel secure and confident from the initial consultation to the final walkthrough. John Vranic continuously went the extra mile to make sure that we felt comfortable and informed throughout the entire process. He made sure to invest his time to understand what was important to us and placed a priority on building a trusting relationship. If you are thinking about building a home, without hesitation, we recommend Vranic Homes with 100% certainty! Thank you for everything!

- Steff & Brody

Our journey began early last year in January looking for a new home to build. Much to our dismay, the homes were either sold out or just not hitting the mark. We then turned our attention to previously owned homes. What an eye opener that turned out to be, especially for those homes that were not that old. The quality of workmanship was disappointing. Spring arrived and our focus turned to the outdoors. Then as I was browsing through MLS we saw a listing for a new build with Vranic Homes. First we both could not believe that the home would contain all the wonderful features that we had only dreamed of having one day. The process from working closely with the builder, John and his sub-trades was a great experience. Sure there were a few bumps in the road, but the builder is a conscientious individual who is quick to take action to ensure everything works out. In fact, John is passionate about quality homes and puts his heart and soul into the new home as though it was going to be his own home. When the day arrived for us to take possession of our home, we were overwhelmed by the quality and detail taken into account. Friends and family were really impressed. Some of the compliments that we have received, are that the home is elegant, beautiful, a mansion. Wow! I still sit in awe and wonder of the wonderful home that we have the privilege of owning and creating new memories.

Thanks John for being an exceptional builder and for selecting sub-trades that have your same work ethic.

- Gail & Ross

My wife and I built with Vranic homes in Komoka. We could not be any happier with the experience. Other people told us over and over that builders were difficult to work with, John could not have been... easier to deal with. He builds a beautiful home, is a perfectionist and has a heart. Thanks again John!

- Chris & Alicia