We at VRANIC Homes recognize the challenge of how to select a new home design while you consider all the choices of the style and utility of your new home. We also appreciate how important it is for you to take significant steps to protect your investment. A new home may be one of the most valuable purchases you may make in the foreseeable future. You work hard for your money, and you deserve to protect it through proper knowledge and good decisions. Couple this with the desire to have a wonderful experience and live the excitement of your new home and we understand how it can be a bit overwhelming at times.

If all of these considerations seem a bit daunting and potentially challenging, we have some help for you. We would like to suggest that the Team you select to work with for your new home is the first and most important step in accomplishing all of the above and to eliminate the challenges. You can have the peace of mind that you desire and you can be treated with the respect you deserve.

For this reason, we have assembled a brief outline of things you may wish to consider when you make the decision to invest in your future. We sincerely believe that if you consider some or all of the important items below, you will make the best decision and you will create a winning relationship which you will be proud to say you experienced. Good luck in your new home decisions and we would love to discuss your desires and family needs with you if you feel we meet your criteria for your new home experience.

You may wish to consider some or all of the following when you are considering a new home purchase.

Selecting a Builder and the Sales Process

  • What are the five most important things to you personally that you should anchor when you make the decision to buy a new home?
  • Are you comfortable with the interaction you have with the sales people you are dealing with. (Remember, if the sales experience makes you uncomfortable, you should think seriously about who you are dealing with.)
  • Do you feel you are being treated with honesty and respect?
  • Are your needs being considered with the right level of interest by those you are dealing with?
  • Are you being encouraged or even pushed to act quickly and immediately?
  • Is your budget being considered and respected?
  • Are you being asked what is important to you personally in your new home?
  • Do your questions get answered, or is there a lot of double talk?
  • Will you have the opportunity to review and discuss details with the builder directly and often?
  • Are your interests being protected by the builder?
  • Are you comfortable with and have you been explained the process and your involvement in your new home?

Selecting the Appointments for your new home.

  • Do you know what items you are able to select and what the conditions of selection are?
  • Will the timing required for each selection item be explained to you with clarity and honesty?
  • Will changes be possible during the selection process?
  • Can you deal with suppliers outside of those selected by the builder?
  • Can you select upgrades and enhancements to your new home appointments to individualize your new home?
  • Is there a change process in place so you know what happens when adjustments and enhancements are requested?
  • Is there a clear understanding of the changes in your investment as you add amenities to your selected design?
  • Are there special attributes that you wish to see included in your new home construction and design?

Communication and Keeping you in the Loop

  • Does the builder have prescheduled reviews with you during the construction of your home?
  • Do you have the opportunity to discuss details with the builder?
  • Is there a clear review process?
  • Is there a method to resolve situations that may be unclear?
  • Are the roles and responsibilities of your builder defined?
  • Are your roles and responsibilities during the building phases clearly defined?
  • Does the relationship seem to be cooperative and beneficial to both parties?

Construction Considerations

  • Are the features in the builders’ construction statements, actually features, or are they defined by the building code already?
  • Do you believe that you are getting a well constructed home without feeling pressured into upgrades?
  • Are the exterior appointments of your home unique for your home or do they seem to be clear out items?
  • Have the appointments in the construction details considered your level of maintenance once you take possession of the home?
  • Are additions and unique change requests considered welcome by the builder?
  • When items are difficult to incorporate in the construction, will you be given adequate explanation on the reasons why?

When you consider all of the activities and considerations when building a new home for you as a unique individual, it is just as important for you as it is to the builder that the relationship be built on trust, honesty and respect. This is a decision that should not be made lightly. When you are comfortable with your choice, you can enjoy the experience you have undertaken.